About product

Security envelopes (deposit envelopes) are technologically advanced products for storing and transporting valuables, confidential documents and money.
Our new advanced security bag which special construction and number of safety features prevent from unauthorised opening without leaving any signs.
The envelope is produced from film with increased strength and lower film thickness.


  • material – three-layer LDPE, HDPE or MDPE high strength film
  • film colour – transparent or coloured
  • film thickness – from 45 to 120µm
  • print – multicolour high resolution

Security features:

  • security tape with mechanical, thermal and chemical protection
  • security welds and microprints on the sides of the envelope
  • water ink print under the security tape
  • individual numeration and barcode
  • barcodes changing colour when exposed to UV light
  • receipts with numeration and barcode
  • unique, hidden BProtect® signs

Additionally security envelope can be provided with perforation, vents, microprint, pouch for documents, paper labels outside and bubble film inside.

According to a report prepared by German testing institute ISEGA GmbH, use of the above mentioned features ensures highest level of safety for deliveries and deposits.

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